Robbie Cox is the author of fantasy, romance, and paranormal stories. His series include the popular, Harper Twins, as well as the Warrior of the Way. His first novella, Reaping the Harvest, published in 2012 and, right now, he is the author of twenty-six novels and novellas. Whether you love reading gritty romance stories or getting lost in an urban fantasy tale of elves and humans battling to protect their city, Robbie delivers it all with a punch that keeps you riveted to your seat, turning pages. 


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For Pre-Order

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The pre-order for Dark Moon Falls is now AVAILABLE!

High in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the sleepy town of Dark Moon Falls has secrets ...

Hot wolf shifters pursue their one true mate, witches pursue their own agenda, and humans are caught in the middle. In Dark Moon Falls, danger, intrigue, and romance lurk around every corner.

This boxed set includes 15 new steamy stories you’ll want to get your paws on!

One-click now to book your getaway to Dark Moon Falls and soak in all the shifter romance!

Coming Soon

A mate denied. A new chapter begun. Escape, however, is but an illusion.


Lainie Everest refused to be a pawn in her father's selfish schemes, and the only way to escape the forced mating he has planned is to join her brother in the paranormal town of Bull Creek. Eager to start a new chapter in her life, she leaves Draven Falls, her father's unscrupulous plans, and the man she refused to marry behind. Yet, while she never looked back, she should have kept looking over her shoulder.


A promise was made to Miles Hemingway, a deal brokered by Daniel Everest for his daughter's hand. Lainie, however, believes she can simply run away from Miles, breaking that promise. Escape is not that easy, though. He will have what was promised, even if Lainie has to become a PANTHER HUNTED.

Halloween Seduction is now LIVE!

Two sisters, one stuck in the past, the other only concerned with the present, but both are risking their futures.


Come Halloween


They say marriage lasts until "death do us part," but Kelly Ginsberg has stumbled upon a way around that vow and the witch who can make it happen. Clutching with white knuckles to the past, she is blinded to the future begging for her attention.


Derek Cranston needs to find a way to move Kelly out of the past she clutches to and into the future where he can take care of her every need and desire. Yet, how do you compete with a dead husband who keeps coming back to life?


Come Halloween the flames of passion will once again ignite for Kelly Ginsberg, but the question is with who?


Behind the Mask


Fantasies, we all have them, but Emma Rochester craved for hers to come true, and Trent's Halloween party, which she has been dreaming about for over a year, was her final chance to see it come true. Emma wanted more than the normal vanilla ice cream served in careful scoops. She wanted rocky road mixed with turtle mixed with Neapolitan.


Jacob Hendricks can’t keep his eyes off Emma. Yet, sneaking furtive glances over his computer monitor is as far as he’s gone in making his desires known. That is, until they’re stuck working together one Saturday. Now, Emma’s not sure if she wants to go to the party or see if Jacob could be the man of her fantasies.


Behind the Mask, Emma is safe, but what happens when Jacob sees what she's hiding?

Halloween Seduction - eBook.jpg

Alpha Rising - Now LIVE!

Three alphas, each with their own agenda, but all wanting to rule Bull Creek.

Disenfranchised with his family, Dimitri Everest is tired of his father making his life decisions for him, especially after watching his brother, Fitz, get railroaded into an arranged mating. Now, Dimitri's ready to leave the paranormal town of Draven Falls, but where will he go? He's never left home before? And what about his sister, Lainie? Could he really leave her behind?

Neal Porter has found his destined mate, but the intoxicating pull of the call has blinded him to his true calling - alpha of Bull Creek. However, humans and witches are being driven from their homes, and the Paranormal Council back in Draven Falls wants Neal replaced, and now, they think they've found the perfect candidate. If only he will agree to leaving home.

However, there's a third alpha who has ruled the small town from the shadows, and he has no intention of releasing his hold on Bull Creek. He'll stop at nothing until the humans are run off and Neal Porter is firmly under his thumb.

Three alphas want to rule Bull Creek, but only one can come out on top. Will Dimitri be able to bring order back to a town ruled by chaos?

Order your copy of Alpha Rising now to find out!



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