The Mess That Is Me


The Mess That Is Me is merely my unique observations about this crazy world that surrounds us and how I fit into it. Here I will share parts of my writing process and fears, some of our travels and reports of our events, and even about our quirky family. So grab a cup of coffee, settle back, and see what lies within this twisted mind of mine.

December 19, 2016

(A Throwback Post from the Mess That Is Me December 2012)

I have a confession to make.  As much as I love this time of year with its Christmas music and festive lights, I’m finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit.  I could be wrong, but it just might be because...

December 24, 2015

(Originally posted at The Mess That Is Me 12/12)


The morning dawns just as every other morning but this day is different.  It’s not like yesterday or the day before.  This day is filled with joyous anticipation.  Stand still and take a deep breath.  You can smell it in...

December 15, 2015

(Originally posted at The Mess That Is Me on 12/11)


“What time are you eating Thanksgiving dinner?”


I shrugged.  “Four or four-thirty.  Why?”


“Okay, good.  I think we can make it.  Her family is eating early.”  Nathan wore an expression of relief, as if he had jus...

December 11, 2015

(Originally posted at The Mess That Is Me 12/2011)


“Lyla said that Santa wasn’t real.”


Sarah froze, a sudden panic of sadness settling in.  Dylan was only seven-years old, a first grader.  She was too young to have her Christmas fantasy taken away.  With a lump in her...

December 8, 2015

One of the main reasons I love to write is the exploration that comes with it and I’m not just talking about the research. Through the written word, I can delve into emotions and fears without having to leave the safety of my recliner or deal with the nasty consequence...

October 23, 2015

(Originally posted at The Mess That Is Me October 2012)


These final three months of the year are my favorite.  I love the weather, the sense of family that surrounds the holidays, and the abundance of decorations that fill yards and businesses.  And the food, I love th...

October 15, 2015

Where have I been? Everywhere it seems. Since purchasing a new van in 2014, we have placed almost 50,000 miles on it with all of the traveling we have done, but it’s been well worth it. As I look into the near future and into 2016, I don’t see it slowing down at all. W...

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