Reviews - Come Halloween





Come Halloween is a great story about loss and love


Just in time for Halloween, Come Halloween is a great story about loss and new love, with a paranormal twist. This is the perfect book to put you in the Halloween spirit. You will be rooting for Kelly to do the right thing, or at least the way you want it to go. Don't miss this wonderful read by Robbie Cox. (By KatieWeis on Amazon)






Another hot read from Robbie Cox! You never know what lengths you will go to to retain your love...even from beyond the grave. (By Shanny on Amazon)





Halloween Magic


Knowing that I love reading Christmas stories at Christmas time, I thought I'd try Robbie's Halloween story, and am I glad I did. I loved the story, in general, then I got the fun of having some way cool Withchery thrown in. As a Wiccan, I tend to stay away from "Witch books" because they make us seem so way out there. However, Robbie did a great job, highlighting some of our better points.

The love story was sincere and very heart-felt. Losing a spouse is never easy, and giving up that kind of love forever is heart wrenching. Given the opportunity to see a dead spouse again? Absolutely! But when is it time to give up what was and see what can be? THis book explores and handles the situation perfectly (And in a really hot way!) Thanx, Robbie! (By MG Lahey on Amazon)





pleasant surprise


Not being a fan of romance, I was hesitant to read this book. However, knowing how much I enjoyed his first Warrior of the Way book, I decided to give it a try. I will not pretend that I am now a fan of this genre, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. The writing is well done and the story keeps you hooked and vested in the characters right to the end. Although I have been anticipating the second Warrior book to come out, I may just find the next one in this series making it to my Kindle as well! (By Garth on Amazon)





Five stars isn't enough


I have never read a Halloween story quite like this one before. Nothing spooky or scary here. Love is something that most take for granted and the author has really proven this within his writing. This author has proven you can still love beyond the grave. These characters show the turmoil of losing a loved one and what it takes to move on afterward, even in the most unconventional way. This was a fantastic read. (By T. Sullivan on Amazon)