Daughters of Darkness

Daughters of Darkness - eBook.jpg

The Cauldron Coven #2

She lost everything, and now, she may just lose herself.


Kayla Lewell hasn't been the same since the death of Alex Barrister, a death brought about by her own hands while possessed by a demon. She blamed herself, she blamed the Warrior of the Way, and she blamed the Cauldron Coven. Unable to handle her grief, she turned her back on them all and walked away.


Tansy Paxton heard the whispers of the newest coven in Harbor City, a group darker than the others. She intended to keep her distance, focus on her own coven, but then bodies drained of blood start appearing. At first, she intends to leave it to the police, her coven having risked enough to save their town, but then she discovers Kayla is somehow involved with the Daughters of Darkness. Can Tansy save the young girl before she becomes the next sacrifice?

ISBN - 978-1-944984-70-0

Published - August 2020