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Death's Shroud

The Cauldron Coven #1

Laci Valentine is done. Done with magic. Done with the Cauldron Coven. Done with the people around her dying. She was through being a witch. That was all right with the goddess Hekate. She had something much more important for Laci to do, anyway.


The Cauldron Coven is shattered. Two members are dead, two want nothing to do with the coven, and three are heartbroken over everything that has happened over the last month. Tansy Paxton fears it's the end of her small coven when a young witch, Sherri Rockford, enters The Murky Cauldron. Hope fills Tansy until things begin to feel a little too familiar. Has another demon entered the Land Above? Or is Sherri just a witch on the wrong path?

ISBN - 978-1-944984-66-3

Published - June 27, 2020