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ISBN - 978-1-944984-10-6

Published - January 20, 2017

Enter the Witch

The Witches of Savannah #1

Then she saw her, the woman from outside of Ericka’s house. Her arms outstretched, hands aimed at the sky overhead as she chanted her own spell. Was this the woman who kidnapped her friend? Jasmine kept chanting, but she could feel her voice going softer, wearing out as the wind kept her pinned against the bench. She couldn’t give up, wouldn’t give up. Leaves hit her face with such force that they cut her skin. Still, she held on to the book, chanting.


The woman walked closer, each foot a deliberate step against the wind as she neared Jasmine. Another crack sounded from behind Jasmine and then she felt a crushing pain at the back of her head. Then she felt nothing as darkness swarmed over her and she felt herself slump sideways on the bench, the Book of Spells still clutched tightly in her hand.


Enter the Witch sets the stage for The Witches of Savannah series while giving us the origins of one of the side characters in Come Halloween. We once again meet the owner of Faerie Dust, Amber Bastian, as she strives to help a younger Jasmine Burkehart rescue her friend from a spell gone awry. Cletus, a skittish ghost who seems somehow stuck to Jasmine, provides more than just comic relief in this short tale as he cautions Jasmine about the dangers of witchcraft.