If you've ever been to an author event or crushed on someone you enjoy reading, then Fangirls is the series for you. Following the infatuations between readers and the authors or cover models they love to be around, Fangirls shares the journey as some find love and others discover new adventures. Short, quick reads, these Lunch Break Reads, are sure to satisfy.

Book One

Nikki Sanford only wanted a place to work in peace. Unfortunately, the Perk & Grind was filled to capacity. Yet, an unfortunate night may just set her on a path she never knew existed with someone she never would have even considered.

Book Two

The Fangirls stories continue with Lily as she joins her daughter, author Cassandra Mason, at a book signing event in St, Augustine. However, Lily is not there to just help her daughter. She wants to meet Jack Sutherland, whose books have been keeping her company in bed at night.

Book Three

She's heard the rumors, the stories that other authors told about how the Bishops attended the author events hoping to find someone to play with all weekend. Cassie wanted to be that someone. She wanted Kristi Bishop to teach her, not only how to be successful as a writer, but also about the polyamorous relationships she wrote about in her novels. She wanted to know if they were real, needed to know if they were real. Cassie receives more than she bargained for as fantasies turn into reality and the stories leave the safety of the pages between the covers.


Book Four

Olivia's cover model and boyfriend, Patrick, has dove into his bad boy persona with a little too much enthusiasm. Will her jealousies overwhelm or will she be able to separate fantasy from real life? 


Willow (Fangirls)

Book Five

Seen as the quiet voyeur at the St. Augustine Author Event, Willow Thornton is the reader trying to summon the courage to say hello to her favorite author, Benson Taylor. What Benson doesn't know is that Willow has followed him around since she picked up his first book several years ago, but just in the shadows. She's hoping this event will give her the courage to get her out of the shadows and into his arms.

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