His to Command


The Rutherford Series #4

He just wants to forget. She just wants him gone. However, when the two of them come together to build the Rabbit Hole, they discover they have more in common than they first thought.


Sent to Savannah to avoid scandal, Edwin Coldwell is more than ready to start the next chapter of his life, putting his past behind him along with Faith Greer.  However, gossip crosses state lines, and his past has already stained his clean slate.


Andrea Newman moved to Savannah to be with her former boss in more ways than just his partner at work. Sitting in his new office, however, is another man, a man known to be a womanizing scoundrel. She will do everything in her power to see Edwin fired, so Brian can return to fill the holes in her life.


Sparks fly in this sizzling romance as Edwin Coldwell seeks to take control of more than just his life. One-click His to Command now to see who comes out on top!