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Not your average genre novel...


"When this book was suggested by a friend, I resisted a little at first since it's not a genre I would ever consider reading on my own. After reading a couple of the reviews, I decided to take the chance, pay the small cost of the book and give it a shot. All I can say is wow! The emotions of the characters come through so clearly, that it seemed as if I knew them personally. Their story will make you smile, make you laugh and it will make you seek out your significant other for a little rendezvous of your own! I loved reading this book and am looking forward to more novels by this author."  (By Dusty Cole - Amazon)





Wonderful book, I couldn't stop reading


"Wonderful book , I couldn't stop reading ..the characters and emotion drag you into the story so much you want to be part of it ! The sex scenes are amazing and leaving you wishing for them .. I read erotic novels a lot ,but this one got to my heart and my fantasies ..look forward to more !!"  (By Amanda Mallory - Amazon)





Reviewed for Jo&IsaLovesBooks Blog


"I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review.

Fantasies...sexual fantasies; a taboo subject? For most I would think yes. Selby ask his wife what her fantasies were and opened a door that he wasn't sure he could handle the consequences. Selby and Faith agree to explore their fantasies together and progress to agree to some separate exploration. I didn't feel it was about cheating as they deeply loved each other and openly discussed everything they did without their spouse. Faith does a 180 from shy and reserved about her sexual desires to aggressively exploring them. It causes a strain on their relationship that you will have to read the book to find out how and if they survive.

I must say I love Selby. He is true to himself and deeply loves his wife. He wants her to explore herself and share it with him. Did he ask for more than he bargained?

Yes there are erotic scenes in this book (hot and steamy) but there are emotional discoveries by Selby and Faith that are the focus.

This is my first book by Robbie Cox and I enjoyed the journey." (By Becky Cox - Amazon)





Fantastic Read


"Really enjoyed this book. Very racy and intense. You are drawn in to every pulse racing, throb-inducing scene. Way to go Robbie Cox!" (By Shanny - Amazon)





A Must Read


"I highly recommend this book. It is a great story of erotic fantasy. It keeps you turning pages and is very hard to put down. I can't wait for the sequel!" (By KateWeis - Amazon)





Awesome read... earns the 5 stars


"Stating upfront, even if you are not fantasizing about or never thought of expanding the lines of your own personal relationship, this book grabs you from page one and keeps you going until the end. It is definitely one of those books that once you start it you just can't put it down…. which is most likely why it is a quick read. Oh, I guess I haven’t really mentioned the steam and sexy factor of this book. It’s off the charts! You may need a cold shower when you’re done! I can’t wait for the next book in the Rutherford series!!!" (By TDE - Amazon)




touching story


POV: Third
Series: No
Cliffhanger: No

I went into this book blindly. Sometimes I like to be surprised and I was pleasantly so with this book. I quickly learned that Selby and Faith did not have a traditional relationship. They were married but had weekend adventures inviting another person into their marital bed. They were always both present. It worked for them. Not everyone is able to handle an open marriage, but Selby and Faith found a way to make it work.

Then things change. They decide to open the marriage even further. Now they are branching out on their own with their adventures. Selby approaches it delicately and with restraint; while Faith goes a bit more….wide open. Eventually it gets to an extreme climax, and Selby and Faith are faced with the possibility of their adventures causing them to lose what they have. Will they survive or will Selby lose Faith to the thrill of the hunt? Read to find out.

The book was written in a manner to make the open relationship appear like a mutual desire for both Selby and Faith. So you don’t get the feel of adultery or anything. It was well written and I truly enjoyed the story. When things started going south, I really didn’t know how the story would end. I felt for the dilemma they were facing and hoped for the best. I easily connected with the characters and the story drew me in and kept my hostage throughout.

The ending was perfect. I didn’t see it coming but loved it. I recommend this book so go 1-click today! Truly a touching story. (By Ange Hall - Amazon)





A Must Read


I don't even know where to begin with this review. The first thing that pops into my head is WOW! When most people hear the word erotica, they think, this is going to be laden with sex on every page. Not with this novel. The storyline is beautifully written, the characters are just like your neighbors next door, easy to befriend while other characters, you just want to slap. It was also great reading about the town that I spent my teen years in.

This book is written in such a way that it is so hard to put down. The writing is so smooth and seamless that I found I was done with it and wanting more in one afternoon. Very much looking forward to reading more by Robbie Cox. (By T. Sullivan - Amazon)




Finding Faith In This Fancinating Novel


As this was the first true erotica novel I've read (yes, okay, I know...I've led a sheltered life) I wasn't sure what to expect, other than gratuitous sex.

I certainly wasn't expecting a well-plotted, well-written story with exceptionally good character development. But I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when Losing Faith gave me all that, and much more -- 'cos I've read some of this author's other books, and his masterful storytelling flowed throughout this fascinating tale.

Yes, the sex was there, well described in a multitude of ways, but it certainly wasn't gratuitous. It was an essential part of the story, and played a vital role in developing both Faith's character, and her husband Selby's.

It is also a part of how we see other characters change throughout the book -- some for the better, some for the worse.

Not the sort of book I'd recommend for my maiden aunt, but for everyone else...absolutely! I loved the interplay between tenderness and humour, and it certainly made me smile throughout. In fact, I can safely say when I was feeling low, it kept my pecker up. Five stars all the way. (By Stewart - Amazon)





Don't Miss This Book!


Completely enjoyed this book! Putting it down was difficult. I found myself reading it on my PC, then my phone, then my tablet. (See, told you I had a hard time putting it down) I could identify with the characters, I could identify with the emotions. I think Faith and I were raised in the same family. If you want a book to take you away to another place, if you want to get lost in a book, this is it. Looking forward to reading more of Robbie's works. (By Candy - Amazon)





Great Read! Steamy with an interesting storyline


Great read! Steamy with an interesting storyline. I love that the characters are very relatable. Ready for the next one.




Perfect leisure reading.


Just the right balance of steamy sex and heart filled romance. The characters were so well written, I felt like I knew them...Heck, I even identified with Our heroine Faith on so many levels. Can't wait for the next volume in this wonderful love story! (Jeanette Smith - Amazon)




Loved this book!


Loved this book! Read the entire thing in less than a day and can't wait to read more of these books! Very entertaining and thought provoking! (Jenni Curran - Amazon)