ISBN eBook - 978-1-944984-28-1

Published - August 23, 2018

Mate's Appeal

Destined Mates #2

Eve Hartlow moved to Bull Creek to hide from an abusive ex-boyfriend, happy with the quiet life she etched out for herself. A human among paranormals, she keeps a knife at her waist, not for protection against her neighbors, but against her past.


Arlin Landry made a fatal mistake in Draven Falls one night at Shades, a mistake that cost a man is his life. Now, forced to leave town until the heat dies down, he visits his brother in Bull Creek, a brother who just so happens to be somewhere else. He's content to kick back and relax in the quiet setting, putting his action back home out of his mind.


However, Eve's past finds her and Arlin's tiger won't permit him to look away. Will he make the same mistake he made in Draven Falls?