ISBN eBook - 978-1-944984-30-4

Published - September 20, 2018

Mate's Touch

Destined Mates #3

Lainie Everest left her home in Draven Falls to avoid the mating her parents chose for her. Now, making a new life for herself as a deputy in Bull Creek, she’s quite happy solving crime and hanging out with her friends as she helps her brother, Dimitri, protect the people of Bull Creek.


Rance Culpepper likes his life as a detective for the Pensacola District Attorney's Office, adventure, travel, and one-night stands aplenty. That is, until the death of a witness he was tracking takes him to a small township called Bull Creek where he meets a sassy deputy who wants him to mind his own business. He’d be happy to do that, if she would just keep her nose out of his case.


However, Lainie’s panther and Rance’s Wolf have other plans.