ISBN eBook - 978-1-944984-35-9

Published - February 7, 2018

My Lover's Mate

Destined Mates #4

A woman lost, a groom rejected, and a shifter deceived.


Noel Hastings didn't mean to fall in love when she moved to Bull Creek, romance being far from her mind. She craved knowledge, instead, answers about the paranormal world, a world thrust in her face, scaring her into running away from her home.


Wes Stapleton knew Noel had secrets. After all, everyone in Bull Creek had secrets. He was willing, however, to wait until she was ready to share what she kept guarded in her heart. He loved her enough that her secrets, whatever they were, didn't matter.


That was before her secrets walked into Everglades demanding to know why Noel had run away from the altar and her future husband.


One-click now to see whether Noel chooses her future or her past. Or is there another alternative?