ISBN - 978-1-944984-14-4

Published - 4/14/2016


Fangirls #4

Olivia Smoaks thought it was a good idea. What woman doesn’t drool over the men on book covers and then to have that model be your boyfriend… Yet Patrick dove into his bad boy persona with a little too much enthusiasm for her. So did the readers who attended the St. Augustine Author Event. Will Olivia’s jealousies overwhelm or will she be able to separate fantasy from real life? For that matter, will Patrick?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


She squeezed his arms before turning and sliding her arms around his neck. She kissed him, her warm lips pressed tight against his. When she pulled away, she gazed up into his dark blue eyes. “We’ll have fun, but you have to remember this is work. You’re wanting to do more covers, so you need to grab people’s attention so they think of you. I know it sounds weird, but if they remember you, sometimes they’ll buy the book for that very reason. Authors will want you because you yourself have a good following.”


“I only care about one follower,” he said, just before kissing her nose. “You.”


She squeezed him. “You’ll always have me, but that’s not going to put money in your bank account or land you jobs. If you want to be a cover model, then you have to play the part.”


“I still think I can be a cover model and your boyfriend at the same time.”


“Of course you’re my boyfriend. But this is a world of fantasy and these women are expecting certain things with their fantasy. It’s up to you to deliver.”


“Olivia, I…”


She placed her fingers on his lips. “You’re playing a part. Just think of it as acting. It’s a role. That’s all.”