Reviews - Circle of Justice




Great read when you need a quick incentive to do good...


Circle of justice. What goes around comes around. That is author Robbie Cox’s singular message in this short, quick tonic of a series of stories that revolve around a, well, 9 mm gun. He doesn’t waste time in getting down to business with successive events that involve different characters on either end of that murderous tool. Each faces a different incentive and a different choice. What is interesting is that often, it is the one who falls that is relatively more guilty while the one who shoots, more of a victim. That word - relatively - is key here, for while the tragedies are unforeseen, they are brought very much by a constant human quest for conflict. So read this book while you wait for your next train to arrive. In that short span, the author would have incited you to go help that poor guy on the platform. After all, a circle of justice is equally applicable to good deeds. (By Malay Upadhyay on Amazon)




A Must Read!


I absolutely loved this book! It is a great short story with twists and turns throughout. I love how the story progressed and the characters flowed seamlessly. Definitely a must read if in the mood for a quick read. (By T.Sullivan on Amazon)