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Hot and Steamy


This is my first book by this author and it won't be my last.

I really enjoyed this book and how one woman can love two completely different men. Its a struggle to find someone who you are compatible with and when two men happen fill that need, how can a girl turn one of them away?

Knowing that one day she could lose them both, she does her best to keep her relation with each man from the other. When it all comes to a head, her worst fears are realized.

However, with Christmas just around a corner, she can only hope for Santa to bring her the one thing she put on her list: happiness with her two men. (By Booklover Mary - Amazon)




A hot quick read


A hot quick read. What girl wouldn't want two hot men at her beck and call? Especially when they each fulfill a different yourself an early Christmas won't be sorry.  (By Shanny on Amazon)





Great Christmas read!!



This was a great story! I loved the characters! It was a quick, weekend read. Thanks for a great story Robbie! (By Anonymous - Barnes & Noble)