ISBN - 978-0-9905220-9-6

Published - November 29, 2015

Ribbons & Bows

The Best of Both Worlds #1

Susanna Tawnie is trapped with no clue as to how to get herself out of the mess she's created for herself. For a year, she's been happy living with her roommates, two men who would do anything for her and, to her delight, to her. Yet, life has dealt her a sexy twist, as she's gone from single woman to dating both her roommates. There's only one catch, however. Neither man knows she's seeing the other one.


Caiden Grisham is easygoing, spontaneous, and prefers his days at the beach. The only thing he loves more than surfing the Atlantic waves is his time alone with Susanna, the roommate he's been crushing on for quite a while. His world brightens when, just before Thanksgiving, she finally agrees to be his girl. However, then Molly Bennet breaks up with their roommate, Brandon Wallace, and now Susanna is more than intrigued at a lifestyle she's merely glimpsed.


Life was structured for Brandon and he looked forward to the upcoming holidays. That is, until the day before Thanksgiving, his submissive, Molly Bennet, decided she wanted to be released and walks out of his life, leaving him forlorn and lost. Yet, his heartbreak turns to pleasant confusion when Susanna steps in to fill the void left by Molly, desiring for Brandon to train her to be his submissive. Yet, what if Caiden discovers her interest in Brandon's lifestyle?


The cage Susanna created for herself begins to close in on itself as her roommates get closer to discovering her duplicity, and she's desperate to find a way out of the chaos she created. Yet, she can't deny how both men, combined, complete her, giving her the best of both worlds - one carefree and romantic, and the other, dominant and structured. She doesn't want much, just both men to be hers. Is it too much to ask Santa to bring her?