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Great Book, Great Story


I really, really loved this book and I will tell you why.
Jackie suffered a terrible tragedy, which she couldn’t get over and it turned her into an ice queen. Enter Morgan, a player, who likes the women, and sees something in her that attracts him. At first it is the thrill of chase to break down her barriers, and thaw her out. It then becomes much more than that. The two main character’s Jackie and Morgan, are really strong and likeable.
I also loved all the secondary character’s as they each had a part to play in the story.
Roll the Dice has everything, sex, scandal, company politics and intrigue.
Robbie Cox knows how to write a great story that keep us, his readers, turning every page till you get to the last. It’s one of those books that you can’t put down and I read in record time.
In fact, Robbie Cox’s story reminds me of a modern day Harold Robbins. It’s blockbuster of a story you can disappear into and become totally deaf to anything going on around you.
I loved it and will look forward to reading more of his work knowing that I am in for a good read.(By Kazz Mosson Amazon)




Great Read


The second book in the Rutherford series, Roll the Dice is a great read. I had such an emotional connection to the main characters that when I was done reading, I felt as if my best friend had moved away. (By Shanny on Amazon)





Loving This Series


Well, I have to say that Robbie Cox has done it again. I absolutely loved this story! I am though, having an internal struggle in deciding if I liked book one, Losing Faith, or this one better. In this second book of the Rutherford series, we find Morgan going to the Biloxi area to do some work and becomes intrigued with the woman who hired Rutherford Construction, Jackie. Jackie, seeming like a major ice queen, wants nothing to do with Morgan. This author has you feeling the emotions and internal struggles that the characters feel. This is a "I can't put this down" read. I highly recommend reading Losing Faith followed by this book. It's a great series thus far. (By T. Sullivan on Amazon)





A fun new chapter in the Rutherford series


Robbie Cox takes a character we met in Losing Faith and reintroduces us ina big way. You might find it difficult to like Morgan Brewer and his womanizing ways, but you find out just how likeable he can be by the end. I found myself rooting for Morgan before the end of the book. A great read with amazing depth of chracters. You really get to know everyone involved. As the story unfolds, the characters remain believable and real. This is a great book to get lost in....I can't wait for the next installment. (By Myona on Amazon)





Loved it!


This was a great book! Would totally recommend it to anyone who likes romance novels. It was really nice to be able to read what was going on in the character's heads too. Remember... communication is the key to any relationship! I only wish Robbie had written a little more. I wanna know what happens after the ending lol. I could have used a "5 years later" epilogue for sure. STILL AWESOME THOUGH! (By Kim Quick on Amazon)






Great Read


Loved reading this book. It has well developed characters and a great plot that will keep you thinking though out the read. Since I have not read the first book in this series I am not going to have to go back and purchase it so I can read it as well. I am sure it will be as good a book as this one was to read. He is definitely an author to watch for future books to snap up as they arrive. (By Amazon Customer on Amazon)






Must Read


This is the second book in the Rutherford series and I can't wait until the next one comes out. I loved and sometimes hated the characters. This book really kept your attention and I wanted to keep reading to find out how the characters would evolve.

(By KatieWeis on Amazon)





Great Character Development


Really got to know the characters here and their own personal stories. There is tragedy, some witty humor, romance and a happy ending! Looking forward to more Rutherford stories! (By Ebunnyfla on Amazon)






Robbie Cox out done himself while writing the second book in his Rutherford series, Roll the Dice. The story perfectly ties into the first book Losing Faith while also standing on its own. The author has the uncanny ability to describe each scenario in a manner that makes it seem like you are sitting in the exact room or location as his characters. This book has it all from drama to erotica. It is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. But there is one thing for sure, reading this book is no Roll the Dice gamble. IT IS A SURE THING (By William McCall on Goodreads)





Beyond the feeling of betrayal


Another great read by Robbie Cox. We see right off that Jacqui is struggling with survivor’s guilt from the tragic accident that happens to her family. Watching the story evolve from being a workaholic to finding some peace for herself kept me intrigued with the book. Several heart tugging scenes that will make you want to hug her tight. On the flip side, there is a lot of humor and great character building in Roll the Dice. You will chuckle, giggle, and blush – all part of a great read! I liked getting the insight and pieces that followed up behind Losing Faith. They are separate reads but having the characters flow over into this book was a nice touch. I am looking forward to the rest of The Rutherford Series. (By Teri Edney on Goodreads)






and by far this is my favorite. I actually miss Jacqui and Morgan now that ...

Wow!!!! I really wish that I could give this book another star. I have read all of this author's books, and by far this is my favorite. I actually miss Jacqui and Morgan now that I am finished with this book....(If I know my new favorite author. There is more to come) 

Roll The Dice is set in my home town and written about the emotions that one goes through when losing a part of themselves and not knowing how to get back to becoming a whole person again. Jacqui is a strong woman that does so much for her family and community , but has built a buffer between her and real her mind this is the only way to decrease the chance of getting hurt again. 

Morgan is a man that thinks life is easy going and that "growing up" is something that he will get around to eventually. But, when he meets Jacqui, his "eventually", sneaks up on him and grabs his heart and he decides to Roll The Dice.

I would recommend this book to anyone ........ 

I know great things are coming from this author....Stay well my friend til we meet in a book again......

(By Kim Chatham on Goodreads)