ISBN eBook - 978-0-9905220-5-8

Publication Date: April 13, 2015

Sibling Rivalry

The Harper Twins #1

Will the rules be broken?


Aimee Harper just wants her car fixed. She doesn't need her sister's kind of help, the manipulation, the sexism, the way her sister uses her body to get whatever she wants. Aimee prefers her life simple, her peaceful existence, even if she doesn't have the adventures her sister has or meets the men her sister tends to wake up with on the weekend. Yet, to battle Karla's plans, Aimee needs to go on a date with Mitch Greenway but what's confusing to her is that he actually wants to go out with her and not her seductive sister. But what about their rule?


Karla Harper can't believe her sister still hasn't learned to play the game. There's a reason women have all the power; it's because men want what's between their legs. A wink here, a wiggle of the backside there, and soon men are panting to help you accomplish your dreams. Of course, that is, until Mitch Greenway steps into the picture. No matter what Karla throws at him, the dark, powerful man still wants her timid sister. Aimee's close to breaking the rule of the twins and Karla can't believe it.


Mitch Greenway has seen plenty of women such as Karla Harper, but quiet, shy Aimee draws his eye and grabs his attention. She doesn't want to run a game on him, but rather to just enjoy the moment without her sister's interference. He's heard about their rule, the rule that states that no man can date both sisters, and he knows that Karla believes since she's already slept with him that he won't go out with Aimee. However, Karla doesn't know him, and what's more, her sister is no longer playing by Karla's rules.