Reviews - Sibling Rivalry




I loved this book


I loved this book! The sisters may have rivalry between them, but they have each other's backs. Very true to life scenarios, with some nice steamy scenes! I fully recommend this book! (By Nancy Horkey - Amazon)




Loved this book


Loved this book! I really enjoyed the dynamics between the two sisters. The book showed the competition that can happen among siblings, as well as the love they have by having each others' backs. There were some pretty steamy scenes as well. It would be great for summer reading on the beach. I highly recommend this book written Robbie Cox. I have enjoyed all of his books. (By KatieWeis on Amazon)




Steamy story you can't put down!


I will admit, one of the main reasons I read this book was to see how a man does with writing erotica. It is not something men usually write, and I have never read an erotica written by a man before. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Robbie Cox has managed to create wonderful, believable characters and develop a strong story that is not only steamy and sexy but also carries a strong plot and storyline. I could not put the book down. I actually lost sleep and forgot to eat at times as I got wrapped up in antics of the Harper Twins. Sibling Rivalry is about these two twin sisters how find themselves fighting over the same man, but there are far more pieces to the story to stop there. This is a must read book for anyone who enjoys erotica and romance! (By Cherron Riseron - Amazon)




Excellent character development and introspective looks into the relationship dynamics ...


Excellent character development and introspective looks into the relationship dynamics through out the book. The characters are relate-able and interesting. Some steamy scenes that are fun and entertaining. I was slightly disappointed in the conclusion although possibly done as an opening to a sequel? Thanks for the good read... Cheers! (By Heather Rings - Amazon)




What is better than one sister??? Two!!


Sibling Rivalry is the latest hit by Robbie Cox. I fell in love with this author's writing when I read Losing Faith. He has mastered character development in his stories, giving them such real personalities that you feel you are right there in the room watching them.


In Sibling Rivalry, he writes of a set of twins, The Harper Sisters, Aimee & Karla. You watch as they build relationships with each other and others. With moments of sexual tension, sexual release and sisterly bonding, at the end, I could see an opening for a possible second novel.


I am looking forward to seeing what this author has in store for us next. Definitely an author to be followed because he is going to be big. (By T. Sullivan - Amazon)




Very enjoyable!!!!


I just finished reading this book and thoroughly enjoyed it! Robbie did a wonderful job of developing the characters to make you care about each of them, especially Aimee & Karla. The combination of exploring the relationships and some steamy sex scenes made for a very entertaining read. I will definitely be reading more of his books. (By Margaret O - Amazon)





The author did a great job at keeping my interests in the story


The author did a great job at keeping my interests in the story. I loved the relationship between the two sisters, had me laughing a few times. I didn't really care much for the ending cuz I would have loved more detailed into the relationships that occured, but either way....Great ending to a great book! (By Beamer - Amazon)

Robbie did a fantastic job with each of these characters


I've read this book TWICE!! Robbie did a fantastic job with each of these characters. Between the steamy and vivid sex scenes, that made me feel like I was there, I can say two sisters are better than one!! The characters are relatable, and with the emotion, tension and competition that arises, it totally pulls me in! I've since had the opportunity to obtain more of his books, and even those I can't put down!! Robbie you're amazing. I can't wait to read the rest of your books. They're addicting!!! (By Viv_33 - Amazon)