Facebook Newsfeed is Not News

For that matter, most news stations, either. They’re a skewed commentary on a situation with distorted facts to keep you thinking a certain direction, which is more than likely far from the truth. That’s probably why it’s now called news and no longer known as journalism. However, it’s sad how much junk fills my Facebook status stream. It simply boggles the mind that someone shared it to begin with, but it does make it believable that the Salem witch trials could happen even today. Most of the time I don’t even think people read what they are sharing or watch the videos they are passing along. They just quickly share it because on the surface it falls in line with their prejudiced way of thinking. For some, Facebook is the only source of news they receive and, to be honest, that’s truly sad.

It’s not new, however. Since the World Wide Web infiltrated our homes, gullible people have believed everything that came across the computer screen, no matter how ludicrous. People don’t check the validity of a story before passing it on. Furthermore, they don’t realize that all they are really doing is hindering the truth from getting out and that’s exactly the point behind the slanted story. It’s a diversion tactic to keep you focused in one direction so that you don’t notice what’s really happening elsewhere.

Two of the biggest distractions online right now are racism and police brutality. Now, I know that racism still exists, but it’s not so much white against black as everyone against everyone. It’s also not as bad as it was decades ago or even as bad as they’re saying it is. Oh it may be in some areas, but overall, in the mainstream, it’s a war that is mostly over. Still, it is a word that can be thrown out there to distract the people from the real problem or used to keep people silent. Some know that if they cry racism, people will back off because they just don’t want to deal with it or be seen in that light. The truth is, we need to speak up and call foul. It’s like the bullying post I made a couple of weeks ago. It has become a flag waved at everything.

It’s the same with the police brutality that’s being passed around. Yes, I know, some cops have a god-like personality and are complete dipshits with a badge. But not all of them. Hell, I’d wager that it’s not even the majority. What’s more, some of the videos I’ve seen, if I was the cop, I would have smacked the “abused victim” upside the head.

Stop passing around the bullshit! Check the facts and be informed. Stand up for what you believe and for the weak, but don’t add to the chaos. You’re not helping the situation, but rather adding to the madness and the distractions.

And to be honest, you look like a paranoid moron. Like the boy who cried wolf, you will soon be ignored and when you finally do have some vital information to share, no one will listen. At that point, you’ve done your enemy’s job for them, because you’ve helped cause the apathy with so many false alarms.

Do you want to help your political party, country, race, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever it is you’re passionate about? Stop spreading the false negativity against the opposition. Instead, start sharing the positive truth about your cause and I assure you, you’ll get people’s attention. People need the positive more than they need the negative. We need the truth, not more clipped videos. Show us you’re serious by taking the time to do the research before you click share. Your posts will carry more weight and reach more people. Isn’t that the whole point?

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