ISBN - 978-1-944984-38-0

Published - March 28, 2019


Warrior of the Way #4

There's a place we all go when we die. It's peaceful. Calm. A place to reunite with your loved ones. Furthermore, the weather is perfect, like a perpetual spring. Hate does not exist here, nor crime, or even death. The residents of the Summerlands only experience joy while awaiting the rebirth into their next life, their next journey. The Summerlands are a place of rejuvenation and relaxation. Rest for the soul awaiting a new body.


Until the original demons break out of the Nether and enter the Summerlands.


Rhychard Bartlett, Warrior of the Way, faces his greatest battle as Baltabek, the first demon cast into the Nether, manipulates the Cauldron Coven's Recapturing Ceremony to bring his demons to the Land Above. To kill the demons and save his world, Rhychard may have to kill the witches.


However, Tansy Paxton, leader of the Cauldron Coven, doesn't care for that option too much.


Friends will turn against friends as they all strive to protect what's important to them.