ISBN  - 978-1-944984-18-2

Publication Date: October 23, 2017

Taming Karla

The Harper Twins #2

Karla Harper is a wild card, believing romance only serves one purpose, to get her ahead in life. She's not all caught up in flowers and pretty language. She wants to get in, have her fun, and get out.


Mitch Greenway loves to be in control and wants to set Karla free by giving her the safety net she doesn't know she needs, as well as the relationship she swears she doesn't desire. He craves the wildness she possesses, wanting to share in it and explore it together without judgment.


She refuses to be tamed, while he's determined to do just that. Could there be two people whose tastes in adventure blends so perfectly that they complement each other, but even more so, takes it to the hottest level? Mitch is determined to find out. That is, if he can get Karla to sit still long enough.