The Harper Twins

Aimee and Karla had one rule in high school - No guy would ever sleep with both sisters. However, life changes after college, but does that mean the rules will as well. Follow the Harper sisters as they explore new love and old jealousies.

Book One

Will the rules be broken?


It has been a rule of the Harper twins since high school––no one gets to sleep with both sisters. However, Mitch Greenway doesn’t like rules and is determined to break theirs. Yet, where does that leave Clint Asher? What starts out as a simple car repair can possibly tear the sisters apart. Sibling Rivalry pits the Harper Twins against each other as well as against the men they are chasing and who are chasing them in return. Set on Florida’s Atlantic Coast, it’s not just the weather that gets everyone all hot and bothered. With plenty of twists, sneaky moves, and under the covers fun, Sibling Rivalry will keep you turning the pages to see who wins in the end.

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