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ISBN - 978-1-944984-25-0

Published - June 5, 2018

The Warrior's Blade

Warrior of the Way #3

For the first time in months, Rychard's life seemed to be going just as he had planned. Renny was back, his business was thriving, and the threat of Bertram Leary was put to an end. Why then is he waking up to gnomes in his bed?


Betram Leary failed and now Aradhon must finish what the other man started. However, his ultimate goal is still the same - to steal the Guardian Sword from the human Warrior of the Way. Yet, how will accomplish that while turning Feather Lakes into a Gateway to the Nether for Prince Daketh?


In The Warrior's Blade, third in the Warrior of the Way series, Rhychard Bartlett returns with Kree, the 300-pound coshey, Tryna, the two-and-a-half-foot ellyll, and Renny, his fiancé brought back to life to battle the dark elf who would turn Harbor City into a den of evil for the Void. Together, they join forces with the witches of the Cauldron Coven to protect their city and the residents of Feather Lakes.