ISBN Print - 978-1-944984-53-3

Published - October 24, 2019

To Trick the Devil

A Black Hollow Novel

A man wanting to die. A demon wanting to live. However, Satan controls the fates of both.


Jackson Lantern has walked the globe for centuries thanks to a deal he struck with the devil. Too vile for Heaven and banished from Hell, Jackson lives out his existence in Black Hollow, a loner who has witnessed the passing of everyone he's ever loved, vowing never to risk love again.


Meredith Vanth tortured souls for Satan, punishing evil-doers for their sins until the suffering she inflicted became too much. Escaping Hell, she's discovered the life she craves in Black Hollow. However, the Prince of Darkness wants her back in his kingdom carrying out the punishments he decrees. Of course, Lucifer is always prepared to make a deal.


Twice, Jackson has conned the devil and won. He's Meredith's only hope for the life she desires. However, can she convince Jackson To Trick the Devil one more time?